Library Books I Loved So Much That I Had To Buy A Copy

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And yes, I know it’s Sunday not Tuesday. I had planned on posting earlier in the week but then the world turned upside down, so I’m posting now!

These are all books that I got out of the library but loved so much I had to buy. I always try and use my local library, it’s important that they don’t get lost and forgotten about, so I get books out. But then they want them back. I sometimes think my late fees is what’s keeping my local library afloat haha.

God Save The King

RIP Queen Elizabeth II

I feel completely numb and my brain is all fuzzy. Even though I’d been expecting the news for most of yesterday afternoon, I’d been watching the BBC special viewing as soon as it started and knew I was watching Operation London Bridge/Operation Unicorn in progress. As soon as the BBC cancelled scheduling and all the on-air presenters appeared in black, I knew she had died. But even so, when Huw Edwards interrupted to bring us an important announcement, I burst into tears. I cried on and off for most of yesterday evening, cried myself to sleep last night.

A few points for clarity here
1) I’m autistic and history/the monarchy is one of my main special interests
2) I’m in the priviledged position of still having both of my parents and all four of my grandparents. I have never experienced grief like this.

Even as I mourn Her Majesty, I have to admit that this is one historical event I am also excited to be alive for. The whole pandemic, not so much. But I get to see Charles proclaimed as King and I get to see him coronated as King Charles III. Obviously I’m not going to be there and I don’t think I’ll travel across London (but I might) but to get to see a King crowned is going to be incredible.

I think I will cry on Saturday when we get that first national anthem sung as God Save the King

I’m also quite surprised that he chose Charles III. He was not expected to, because of the negative connotations of Charles I and II, and Bonnie Prince Charlie was called Charles III by some of his supporters. As far back as 2005, it was suggested that he would chose to reign as George VII in honour of his grandfather. But I suppose afer 70 years of being called Charles it would be hard to adjust to being called another name.

Long Live King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort


Hi, I’m Georgia and welcome to my library.

I’m 30 year old lesbian who lives in London with my wife Elsa and works as a data analyst with the civil service (no, it’s not as boring as it sounds).

I’ve been a voracious reader since I was a teenager -which is also when I fell in love with ancient history and mythology, mostly due to the Percy Jackson books. You would definitely describe me as a bookworm, and I’ve pretty much always got at least one book on me, if not two (usually one physical and one on my kindle, just in case)

As well as reading, history and mythology, I love to cook, bake, play board & video games, visit galleries and museums, get lost inside bookstores and libraries, spend hours in coffee shops, and knit. I also enjoy swimming, am obsessed with stationery, own far more cardigans than is ever necessary for one woman, and I don’t know how I haven’t burned the house down with candles!

I love talking about books and history almost as much as I love the topics themselves, and I’m looking forward to sharing my passions with whoever wanders across my blog.

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